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Bihari Boy Secretly Films Parents Having Dirty Sex At Night

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Here’s the erotic clip which a Bihari boy Manohar took on a hot summer night. He sneakily recorded this video on his mobile phone of his parents having sex. His mom and dad couldn’t sleep because of the heat and sweat. Since mom was sleeping naked, it aroused dad who pounced on her.


He shoved his sweaty cock in mom’s mouth and made her suck on it. Mom did suck on the smelly cock but then threw tantrums because of how slimy it was. She spread her legs and told him to stick it inside her sweat dripping pussy instead.


There was no need for foreplay as they were wet & aroused already. Dad began to fuck the chubby mom in the pussy whose fat belly wobbled during sex. He lifted her arms to smell the aroma of her sweaty armpits.


Mom was enjoying the penetration in her own lazy way. She then turned around showing dad her big fat ass. After a few minutes, the video stops. Maybe Manohar ejaculated watching their dirty sex.