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You could write to us about your suggestions, and complaints. Kindly note that you adhere to the following guidelines to get any issues sorted out faster. By properly formatting the letter to us; with a proper subject; you would help us to sort things faster than usual. The chance is high that your email goes unattended in an alternative case.

Things to do:

  1. Kindly mark the subject as “Suggestions”; if you would love to suggest something that we could improve on.
  2. Kindly mark the subject as “Technical”; if you are finding technical issues that need to be looked on. Always include your ISP (Internet Service Provider name like Airtel, Jio..); IP address (Google ‘what is my IP” and you would get the result); Operating system with version (Windows 7 – 32 bit, Windows 10 – 64 bit, MacOS etc…); Browser name and version (Chrome Version 85.0.4183.100 32-bit , Firefox 80.0.1 64-bit,…); Details on any Ad-blocker or custom extensions/firewall/anti-virus programs that you are using.
  3. Kindly mark the subject as “DMCA Content removal”; if you are having a complaint on the content and need the same to be removed. We recommend you to format a proper DMCA for the fast revert. If you are unaware of how it is done; Kindly furnish your Name, Address, Contact number along with your valid ID proof and details on the link that needs to be looked upon [URL to post, URL to image; URL to video]. Sending wrong/fake details might cause the ticket to go unattended.
  4. Kindly mark the subject as “Video request”; if you looking forward to see a particular content in KamaBaba. (We will publish it; if found feasible. But do not spam us with requests; as you might get blocked).
  5. Kindly mark the subject as “Advertising”; if you are looking forward to advertise in KamaBaba. Please include the company name, address, contact name and number for faster response.
  6. If you want to report certain content, please do so with Content complaint form.

Things NOT to do:

  1. Do not send multiple emails with the same content; You may resend only one more; if you did not get an action/response within 12-48hrs. Weekends and national holidays might delay the response for the reason.
  2. Furnish valid details while contacting us; we might revert back and if found invalid; the ticket will be marked as closed/spam.
  3. Do not use this email to submit your videos and videos sent to this ID will be discarded. We have a separate link for the same “Upload videos“.
  4. No attachment is entertained which includes and not limited to doc; pdf; jpg; html etc… Furnish every detail in text and only text.
  5. Once found spamming with requests; the chance is that your ID and IP get blocked.

You may use your email address to send in the mail to us. We could be reached at:

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