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Chubby Big Ass Girl Fucked By Pervy Cousin While Asleep

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This big ass girl was sleeping in tight pyjamas, probably dreaming about riding & sucking on big cocks, when her pervert cousin came in. He lifted the sheets and began to turn himself on at the sight of her curvy booty.


The cousin pulled out his horny cock and began to stroke it while watching her ass. He then pulled her pyjamas and exposed her naked ass. Being highly aroused, he started stretching her ass cheeks.


After fingering and fondling her tight pink pussy, the cousin slips his erect cock inside it. He started penetrating her pussy and increased the thrusting force because of sheer excitement. His cousin, later on, wakes up only to realise that it was her cousin who had been fucking her all the while.


Later on, she lifts her legs and takes his cock in a missionary pose. After a long session of penetration, the cousin ejaculates his cum on her ass cheeks.


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