Horny Devar & Bhabhi Enjoy Quick Sex Behind Hubby’s Back

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Kavita bhabhi entertains two horny cocks in her house. Her husband bangs her pussy at night and goes to work thinking about it. Then it’s her devar’s turn to give Kavita a taste of his cock. But since the lockdown began, Kavita & her devar couldn’t get romantic.


Her lusty devar began to sneak up on Kavita and that did the trick. One day, Kavita saw her devar waiting for her eagerly in the corner of the house. She liked his intentions and joined him for quick sex behind her hubby’s back.


Devar lifted Kavita’s sari and pulled her panty. He groped and pinched her hot ass to arouse her lust. After sticking his hard penis inside her wet pussy, he began to fuck her hard in a standing position.


After a fulfilling quick rough fuck, both went about their business as if nothing had happened.