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Pervert Supervisor Fucks Tight Ass Typist On The Desk

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Here’s a tight ass typist whose supervisor seems to be making her feel comfortable with the work culture. Or the girl wants to rise higher in the organisation so she is making senior friends. Either way, this girl is pretty much enjoying her day in the office.


Look at those curves! She has a tight ass which her colleague rubs and grabs tightly while penetrating her pussy. He holds her ass cheeks as a support so that he can stick his penis deep inside her tight warm vagina.


Her tits are perky and the guy seems to be enjoying pressing them as well. He fucks the girl for some time with her leg spread on the table. Later on, she sits on the table and spreads her legs to take the cock from the front.


After bashing her pussy from the front, he makes her face in the opposite direction to get a good look at her ass.