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Hot Sister’s Anal Sex Experiment With Brother During Lockdown

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Desi girl Piya couldn’t meet & fuck with her lover during the lockdown. That’s when her horny brother Pankaj decided to please his hot sister’s pussy cravings. He would jerk off fantasising about her and now he was going to pound her pussy in real life.


Piya sat on the bed wrapped in a towel, setting up the mood for passionate incest. They began to kiss and fondle each other to get in the mood.


One thing leads to another and Piya had a kinky idea in the middle of their foreplay. She wanted to try anal sex as her pussy was reserved for her boyfriend. Pankaj applied some lube on his cock after fingering and stretching Piya’s ass.


He penetrated Piya in her tight asshole and began to move his cock back & forth. Piya moaned in pleasure and kept seducing her brother who fucked her in doggystyle.