Mallu Aunty Enjoys Quick Sex With Her Pervert Neighbour

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Mallu aunty Geeta left her house on the pretext of meeting her neighbourhood friend. Only that her neighbourhood friend is a perverted horny guy who has a sexual relationship with her is not known to anyone.


They both set up their afternoon delight of a sex session by turning on the camera. Geeta lies on her stomach watching a raunchy scene on the television. The neighbour lifts her maxi and grinds his cock on her tight ass cheeks.


He grinds it for a while till his cock becomes hard enough for penetration. He then sticks it inside her pussy and moves over her ass up and down.


When the moment gets intense, Geeta lifts her ass so that she can take his cock in a better position. The volume of the TV was set on high so that nobody could hear her pleasurable moans.