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Milf Radhika Bhabhi Fucked By Hubby’s Friend In A Resort

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Tight ass milf wife Radhika sneaks into the room with her hubby’s friend on her trip. You can see her scandalous affair in this MMS recorded by her lover. Radhika teases her lover with her chocolate ass and gets his penis hard.


The man sticks his penis inside her pussy and starts enjoying the pleasure of a cheating sex affair. He wears a condom because he knows he cannot control his emotions for Radhika. Radhika bangs her ass on his cock to get it deep inside her pussy.


He spanks her ass a few times because of the thrill that he enjoys. He places the camera on the bed because he wants to grab Radhika and fuck her properly. From the new angle, you can see how much Radhika enjoys this taboo affair.


Later on, she sucks off his cock intensely and makes sure that he cums his load in her mouth.