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Naughty Priyanka Bhabhi Gets Dirty With Devar On The Couch

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Priyanka bhabhi was sitting on the couch busy with her pedicure when he devar walked in. While chatting with him, she casually asked if he had any girlfriend to have sex with. Devar replied to her in a teasing way and asked if she could teach him the correct way.


Blushing with excitement, Priyanka pulled her legging and showed her curves to her horny devar. He rubbed his fingers on her pussy and groped her ass to impress her. Priyanka then took it to another level when she made her devar take off his pants.


She began to play with this cock while he was rubbing her pussy. After enough foreplay, her devar began to penetrate her pussy. She was lying on the sofa and her devar fucked her from behind. Then she sat on top of him in reverse cowgirl position.


That’s how their relationship grew stronger – a hot sex session on the couch did the trick!


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