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Lusty Owner Fucks His Sexy Figured Kamwali On Payday

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Pankaj had a boner to take care of with his maid who was appealing to him. Her sexy maid knew about her lusty owner’s intention and was waiting for him to make the move. Finally, he made his move on her payday to give her a bonus for her charm.


He took his maid on the bed and pulled out his cock for her to touch and play with it. She stroked it a few times to get him hot and ready for sex.


His maid liked the owner’s surprise and was enjoying his sexual antics by moaning. He spanked her ass and then slapped his cock on her wet pussy. He started penetrating it like it was his last sex. Pankaj began with a missionary position and became wild while doing it.


He then made her maid show her tight ass in a doggystyle pose and began to bash her pussy from behind.


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