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Horny College Lovers Caught Having Sex In The Toilet

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Here’s an erotic desi bf of a college couple caught having sex in the hostel toilet. See the full video to know the dirty secret behind this affair. Both the partners are involved in passionate lovemaking, but they seem to have chosen the wrong place for it.


The boyfriend pounds his horny penis swiftly into his babe’s pussy who moans softly. She stands showing her cute little ass to her lover who keeps pushing his penis roughly. In between, the girlfriend turns to cuddle and kiss her lover.


But the girl is not aware of the dirty secret her boyfriend is hiding from her. As you can see, he looks into the camera (or to the guy who’s recording their sex session). This means that the lover is aware that they are being filmed. Or it could be that he had planned for that to happen.


But the girl remains aloof from the facts and enjoys getting her tight pussy fucked hard in the hostel toilet.