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Sexy HR Moonmoon Sex Scandal With Boss Becomes Viral!

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Sexy junior HR Moonmoon wanted a promotion, so she got close to her supervisor Navneet. In fact, she got so cosy with him that she found herself on the bed with him one day. Here’s that leaked viral MMS that shows you why she got the promotion.


Navneet is enjoying multi-talented Moonmoon’s sexy pussy by intensely licking it. After getting her hot and horny, he puts her in a wild mood that is in his best interest.


Navneet turns Moonmoon on one side and begins to fuck her pussy from behind. She moans loudly in pleasure and enjoys the situation she put herself into.


Later on, Moonmoons rides on top of Navneet’s hard cock. He begins to slide it deep inside her pussy too & enjoys her moans. During sex, he takes the camera too close to her face to add extra effect later on.