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Devar Sticks His Cock Inside Bhabhi’s Asshole During Sex

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Priyanka bhabhi has a sexual relationship with her devar who likes to watch porn videos and imitate the scenes. Once he came across an anal sex scene & thought of doing the same thing with her.


Devar began the proceedings with an oil massage. He rubbed Priyanka bhabhi’s smooth round ass and aroused her for sex. Her devar began to penetrate her pussy and everything was going smoothly. That’s when he inserted his cock inside her asshole and began to fuck it.


Priyanka was totally unprepared for it and she stopped getting fucked. After a few seconds of recollecting the sudden exciting thrill, she gave it a try. Once again, devar inserted his hard penis in her tight asshole and began to fuck it harder this time.


Hearing his bhabhi moan in pleasure, he increased his pace and fulfilled his fantasy of having anal sex.