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Chubby Wife Enjoys Getting Fucked In Front Of Cuck Hubby

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Here’s an erotic Indian bf that shows a cuckold fanatic hubby recording his chubby wife having sex in a missionary pose with his friend. He pounds her fat pussy hard & ejaculates a hot load of cum inside it.


The wife is lying on the bed on her back, spreading her legs to make it easier for her lover to fuck. You can see the passion in his thrusting movement as though he is trying to show who’s the big cock in the room. Surely, the cuck husband must have got aroused while recording all of that.


The husband then takes the camera right underneath the place where all the magic is happening. There you can see the erect penis penetrating roughly inside a wet juicy pussy. The intensity is so high that even her asshole starts breathing seductively.


The friend keeps penetrating her pussy until he gets exhausted and cum inside her. She wipes her pussy and he wipes his cock to clean the semen stains.