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Cuck Husband Invites His Friend To Fuck His Horny Wife

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Sharmili bhabhi’s husband Nilesh wanted to try cuckold fantasy. He asked his friend Prem, who goes wild over her body, to come over and have sex with his wife. From there on, it was all about fulfilling their individual fantasies that mattered.


Nilesh decided to stick his cock in Sharmili’s mouth and fondle her body. While Prem spread her legs and went for her hot inviting pussy. After rough foreplay, Prem was ready to fuck Sharmili right in front of her husband.


He started fucking her in a missionary position to warm his lust. Sharmili sucked her husband’s cock while enjoying Prem’s cock in her pussy. Prem then made Sharmili show her ass in doggystyle position. He pressed her ass cheeks and once again began to insert his hard cock.


At the peak of their threesome sexual encounter, Sharmili was getting fucked with two cock. One in the pussy and the other one sliding down her mouth.