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Sexy Gurgaon Bhabhi Nisha Fucked By Boss In Hotel Room

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For this sexy ass Gurgaon bhabhi Nisha, a business trip with her boss means getting her pussy fucked & licked hard. No matter what the outcome of the business agenda is, these two are making the most at the corporate-funded trip. It starts off with stimulating pussy licking foreplay!


Nisha’s pervert boss is a sucker for her juicy pussy. He likes her casual sex-with-an-office-colleague attitude. You can see him devouring on her fruity pussy lips as he excites her passions for a good sex session.


He gets on top of her and starts to pump his rich cock in her welcoming pussy. Notice how Nisha holds onto him and rubs his thighs to show how much she likes him. She, later on, gets on top of him and starts to grind her round ass during penetration.


All the while, they kiss each other on the lips hard as though they were on a honeymoon trip.


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