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Horny Husband Bounces His Tight Ass Cook On His Hard Cock

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Pankaj’s wife had gone to her mom’s place. She arranged for a cook who would serve meals to Pankaj. When Pankaj saw the tight ass cook he immediately knew that he was going to have a good time in his wife’s absence.


In fact, it didn’t take any plan or tactics to seduce the tight ass cook. She agreed to take care of his sexual needs for a bit of extra cash. Delighted Pankaj took her to his bedroom and began to devour on her juicy pussy & tight ass.


The cook turned out to be a master in entertaining cocks because of the way she moved on Pankaj’s cock. He grabbed her chubby ass cheeks and bounced her on his stiff cock. The more she moaned in pleasure, the deeper he penetrated her.


After a few enthusiastic minutes of ass bouncing and twerking, Pankaj ejaculated his passion juice in the flavourful cook’s juicy pussy.


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