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Muscular Milkman Pumps Big Cock In Busty Bhabhi’s Pussy

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Lusty & busty wife got a passionate itch in the pussy one morning. To her surprise & a fantasy fulfilling moment, the milkman arrived at her door to deliver his cool milk. But this sexy wife decided to taste his hot milk instead. She pulled him into the bedroom & on the bed.


The stud milkman made the first move by licking her juicy pussy. He made her moan with pleasure once he started to stimulate her vagina. Later on, the milkman enjoyed the experienced wife’s hot blowjob that made his big cock ready to penetrate her tight wet pussy.


To make her wild & horny, the milkman presses her big juicy tits and fingering her vagina. After stimulating her enough, he made her sit on his cock in reverse cowgirl position. The horny wife bounced her big ass on the milkman’s cock & wobbled her tits as she moved.


Finally, the milkman began fucking her in a missionary as his control over his cock juice was getting weaker. After penetrating her pussy harder, he delivered the milk to the wife who needed it the most.