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Desi College Couple Taking Sex Education Lessons At Home

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Group study can be sexually satisfying too, don’t believe it? Then see this desi sex MMS of college couple playing cock & pussy game to freshen up. At least, this couple is taking some form of education seriously while being home alone.


The boyfriend starts by picking his girlfriend’s tight pussy and gives her sensual arousal. She likes the way it feels and looks at him with keen interest as he discovers the taste of her wet pussy. Later on, he gets on top of her and starts pressing her perky tits.


As she gets aroused, they both exchange a short kiss and the boy focuses on playing with her boobs. They get up and the boy presses her naked back to his chest and continues to fondle her pussy and boobs, to stimulate her before penetration.


The girl lies downs and the boy starts penetrating her pussy in a missionary position. He gets intense in his pumping action at the end of the clip and pulls out of her pussy rather nervously. Hope they discussed family planning!